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A breakthrough in skin exams

Discover the future of skin examinations with Skinmap™, a patented Total Body Photography (TBP) system developed by Triangulate Labs. Skinmap is designed to aid dermatologists in the recognition of skin cancer and other dangerous lesions by documenting skin evolution and revolutionizing the detection of potential disease-related changes.

Our Motivation

A person dies from skin cancer every five minutes. Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, has a 5-year survival rate of only 30% when diagnosed at stage 4. If these melanomas were identified earlier, their mortality could be nearly eliminated.

Total Body Photography is proven to aid dermatologists in recognition of skin cancer and other dangerous lesions by documenting skin evolution. Leveraging off-the-shelf iOS devices, Skinmap is an affordable, accessible, and accurate TBP system that makes change detection easy.

Skinmap applies a patented nonlinear optimization algorithm to estimate the camera position, body pose, and location of each image pixel on the subject’s anatomy allowing the patient to move while being scanned. The resulting scans track changes in the skin, aiding in the identification of any anomalies that need medical attention.

Skinmap Features


Collect full-body scans in one to two minutes 

HIPAA Secure

HIPAA-compliant storage and transmission


Pixel density exceeds human vision 


Real-time feedback during scanning process


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