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In late 2016, the founders of Triangulate Labs came together with a shared interest and excitement for the problems that could be solved through the little-studied part of computer vision called Dynamic Vision. After an array of fascinating projects, we are now entirely focused on helping dermatologists cure skin cancer.

Imagine building an accurate image map of your skin by passing a smartphone across your body while you bend and flex.  

Triangulate Labs is leveraging its patent-pending 3D mapping technology to develop a dynamic scanning solution that uses a smartphone to capture a patient’s skin without the need for standardized poses.

Our smartphone-based system will produce a high-quality, full-body digital map of the skin by incorporating behavior of the human body’s articulation and deformation into localization and coverage awareness. Our approach permits the subject to move while scanning. The resulting digital copy will help track and detect changes in the skin and identify any anomalies that need additional medical attention. Key characteristics include:

  • Real-time feedback on coverage and image quality
  • Precise focus, exposure, and illumination to obtain the best possible images
  • Identification of changes between two scans indicative of cancer evolution
  • Pixel density exceeding 1,000 pixels per inch